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Friendly and fun-loving, exotic and tropical, cultured and historic. Thailand radiates a golden hue. From its glittering temples and tropical beaches to the ever-comforting Thai smile.

Mauritius will enchant you and uplift your soul. It will make you feel that you belong to the chosen few. Every encounter is an opportunity to discover a friendly face. Behind each smile lies the promise of a unique holiday. The island, set in its turquoise sea, is an oasis of peace and tranquillity. Mauritius is a melting pot where past and present are smoothly blended together and it offers an essential beauty that will compel you to return to its shores again and again.

The Seychelles has a dreamlike setting which is why it is unsurprisingly a choice place for newlyweds. But if you are looking for more than a suntan or romance, this place offers a number of high-energy distractions. There are jungle and coastal walks, boat excursions, and diving and snorkelling to keep you buzzing. Ecotourism is big – there are marine parks and natural reserves filled with unique species that are easy to approach.
The Seychelles is more affordable than you think. On top of ultra-luxurious options, the country has plenty of self-catering facilities and family-run guesthouses that offer local colour. So if you are suffering from visions of tropical paradise, here is your medicine.

The name alone is likely to conjure up images of spice markets, palm-fringed beaches and white-sailed dhows on a turquoise sea – and happily the reality doesn’t disappoint. Lying only a short distance off the Tanzania coast but at the crossroads of Africa, the Middle East and Asia, Zanzibar has long been at the centre of the Indian Ocean experience in East Africa and a Zanzibar holiday is a sensory experience par excellence.Go on spice tours, taste local dishes and walk the cobbled streets of the capital’s old quarter Stone Town, now a World Heritage Site buzzing with colourful back-street markets and local flavours. And then of course there are the Zanzibar beaches: perfect for anyone who simply wants to enjoy a lazily luxurious beach vacation – Zanzibar and its outlying islands are home to some of the finest beaches in East Africa as well as a number of its best dive sites.You won’t want for somewhere to stay either: one of the world’s most romantic honeymoon destinations, Zanzibar has accommodation that ranges from luxury beachfront cottages to exclusive boutique hotels and elegant spa resorts; parents on the other hand will be delighted by Zanzibar’s family-friendly hotels and safe-swimming beaches.