1. What ITC models would be available to me?

  • a. Home-based ITC
  • b. Flexible ITC
  • c. Office-based ITC

*Refer to the attached spreadsheet “”ITC Options”

2. Would I need to register a company?

  • a. This is not necessary as you could work under the HWT umbrella
  • b. You could register your own company eg: Linda’s Travel and work for HWT. A company can be registered via www.cipc.co.za
  • c. The normal tax, VAT etc will be applicable if you have your own registered company

3. Would Harvey World Travel offer back office assistance?

  • a. Yes they would, however there will be a cost involved which would need to be negotiated depending on your requirements for your company / clients
  • b. If you have your own registered company that has its own accounting system etc, there will be no need to make use of our back office assistance

4. Is there an upfront cash deposit?

  • a. Yes, a R20 000 cash deposit

5. What is the contract duration?

  • a. The agreement will commence on the specified date and continue indefinitely until terminated by either party on 60 (sixty) days written notice

6. What would my monthly remuneration be?

  • a. 60% of total revenue (including commissions and service fees, excluding overrides) generated per month by the ITC

7. Who would be responsible for the payment in respect of all bookings for airline tickets and other travel arrangements?

  • a. The ITC will be solely responsible

8. Would I be entitled to leave?

  • a. Yes, provided that a written request is submitted to the manager of the branch requesting such leave
  • b. A fee of R250 per transaction (including VAT) will be charged to assist your clients while you are away

9. What would the payouts of the overrides be?

    • a. There will be no payout of overrides to the ITC

    10. Would Harvey World Travel provide me with a laptop?

          • a. Yes, your upfront cash deposit will go towards the purchasing of the laptop. This laptop will be yours to keep provided you stay with HWT for a minimum of 2 years

    11. When will my commissions be paid to me?

          • a. Commission will be paid to you in the month following the invoice date, after BSP date which is the 15th of the month

    12. What would my working hours be?

          • a. There are no set hours, however, you need to be available to your customers when required

    13. Will Harvey World Travel assist with IT Support?

          • a. Yes, we can put you in touch with Siyaya Phambili who will quote you on the support you require
          • b. Limited access to the GDS system will be given

    14. Will training be offered to me?

          • a. You will be given the opportunity to attend the training, however, there will be a cost of R500 per training intervention that you attend

    15. What are my obligations?

        • a. You are solely responsible for settlement of your own mistakes / errors (e.g. ADM’s, misquotes etc)